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We Think Differently. Many ATM Companies Have Been Doing Things The Same Way For So Long That Change Isn’t Even On Their Radar. We’ve Done Our Homework, And Know What Other ATM Companies Offer: Low Profit Sharing Rates, No Protection, Poor Customer Service, And Little Creativity. The Following Service Offerings Are Just A Few Of The Things That Set Us Apart From The Competition.

Reduce Costs

Another benefit of placing an ATM inside your business is that people will seek your business out and come to you just to use the ATM. The ATM will drive more traffic to your business including potential customers who may not have come to your business otherwise.

Generally, ATM users end up spending up to 25% of withdrawn cash in the very business the ATM is located. This means that your business not only earns the surcharge revenue, but that it also receives sales paid with the very cash withdrawn.

Industry statistics show that about 5% of a business’s daily customer count will end up using the ATM inside the business, and, as noted, ATM users generally spend up to 25% of withdrawn cash in the business where the ATM is located. That means more cash sales for your business, which means less card transaction fees.


The best part about placing an ATM machine in your business is the extra income from the surcharges! Even tiny surcharges can add up quickly. Your business can realize thousands in surcharge income in a year with very little effort on your part.

Cash, unlike personal checks, cannot bounce. Providing ATM access gives your customers another option to pay you besides card or check, and it encourages more cash transactions. More cash transactions means less disputes, chargebacks, bounced checks, and stress!

Customers appreciate having fast and convenient access to cash when they need it, and they will appreciate you for delivering this option to them. Your best customers come to your business because they recognize the value you provide, and placing an ATM in your business only increases that value.

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